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figure Contract staff augmentation from Murano gives you the exact technical resources you need, for as long as you need them – at far lower cost than hiring expensive local talent.

Murano’s exceptional European talent pool gives you instant and long term access to some of the world’s first and foremost .NET pioneers, one of the elite few Microsoft Certified Architects in the world, plus the architects, designers and developers of highly successful software solutions and e-commerce sites, with extensive expertise in a vast array of technologies and development platforms.

In addition to world-class technical skills and expertise, Murano technical team members also bring strong business acumen and experience in solving real world problems in a variety of industries.

From our talent pool of experienced project managers, system architects, designers, software developers, testers, DBAs, system administrators and QA specialists, we can quickly assemble a top notch technical team based on your assessment of what skills and expertise you want to augment your in-house team.

Your Murano team is dedicated to working just for you, as your virtual employees. We handle all of the employee overhead and administration, like payroll, health insurance, and taxes, so you get all the benefits of having top technical resources at your disposal – for about half the cost of in-house staff – and without the hassles and headaches of “administrivia”. On top of that, our 95% staff retention rate guarantees you long-term stability and consistency.

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We will enhance your in-house IT team by engaging the top specialists at prices far below that of hiring full-time, in-house resources or using IT consulting. All of our technical teams are comprised of skilled, experienced problem solvers, not just coders and technicians. They can professionally perform high-level tasks, such as product design and architecture. Our managers and software developers have the business acumen to understand your demanding working standards and produce the high-quality applications and programs you need.

box With our focus on programming best practices as well as innovation and quality, you will be able to quickly release new products and features to market. Whether you need an IIS web-farm for .NET, JBoss cluster for Java, Apache/nginx for PHP or Mongrel/Passenger stack for Ruby on Rails, our technical staff’s expertise will help you rapidly build the right operations that scale well with your traffic. Using our extensive experience with AJAX, we can also help you quickly create and deploy highly responsive applications that your users will love.

Augmenting your in-house team with Murano’s highly skilled, experienced technical talent will accelerate your development cycles, reducing your time to market. We also help you ensure top quality software products, because scalability, fault-tolerance and usability are key features of all of the software every Murano technical team delivers.

Partner logo Customer Success Story: The Agent123 application developed by Murano technical resources to our specifications is now one of RealtyTech's two cornerstone products. "We love it because, with Agent123, we can offer our clients high-quality, well-designed and rich-featured Web sites for just $500, where before the cost for an equivalent site was $2,000 or more."

Key Success Factors

Focus on innovation. We place a high value on being at the forefront of technology. Our first .NET project started while the technology was still in the alpha stage. We have in our talent pool one of the first people in the world to pass the Microsoft Certified Architect Program. We were among the first to find easy approaches to developing solutions for complex problems utilizing the Ruby on Rails tool set. Let our technically advanced innovators help you move ahead of your competition with cutting edge software development tools and techniques.

Quality is paramount. Our experienced, meticulous QA engineers ensure the delivery of top-quality applications. We combine best practices, proven techniques and the right processes in quality assurance with extensive, solid and diverse experience in creating unit tests, stress tests and test automation to optimize software functionality and reliability.