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Among our clients

AcademixDirect, a leading innovator in education marketing, relies on Murano in providing solutions that improve university enrollment.

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ICIX taps Murano talent for delivering business critical cloud-based SaaS applications that address supply chain risk and compliance issues for large global brands.

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A leading provider of innovative workforce collaboration and enterprise social community building software, Zimbra augments the QA team with Murano test specialists to ensure top quality products.

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Murano’s dedicated team of .NET developers and testers helps Microsoft create its innovative Cloud Provisioning & Billing (CPB) system, a powerful Web application that empowers service providers to add new value to Windows Azure cloud computing technologies.

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Realtytech leverages Murano resources to develop and enhance Agent123, its automated website builder for the real estate industry.

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And dozens of other clients who prefer that we
not disclose them.

Our strict adherence to security and confidentiality is one of the reasons to choose Murano services!

Why choose Murano?

Full IP protection

Full IP protection

We respect our clients’ privacy.
A U.S. company, Murano complies with all U.S. intellectual property and data protection laws.

Complete resource control

Complete resource control

Your Murano developers work exclusively for you, as virtual employees. We can deliver the technical talent you need, when you need it, for as long as you need it.

High Caliber Talent

High Caliber Talent

Having access to the best European software development resources, we can rapidly build and scale software teams to meet your specific needs.

Technical problem resolution

Technical problem resolution

Murano software professionals proactively explore the best technical solutions to ensure optimal results.

Convenient cost control

Convenient cost control

One simple, single monthly payment, with no surprises.

Access to the Brain Trust

Access to the “Brain Trust”

All Murano developers have unlimited access to our deep, diverse technical talent pool resources, knowledge and expertise.

Widest range
of technical skills

We offer expertise in all of the most popular technologies and development platforms:

Java EE
SharePoint, BizTalk
Ruby on Rails
MS SQL Server
Amazon WS
REST Services
Androind, iOS
iOS & Android
Spring Framework

Who benefits from Murano?

You do, if you:

First benefit

Need to keep your software
development costs down?

Third benefit

Want to deliver top quality software quickly, consistently and on budget?

Second benefit

Have a tough time finding the right technical talent affordably in today’s competitive market?

Fourth benefit

Would like to offload maintenance
to free your in-house staff to focus
on new development?

Fifth benefit

Are a start-up seeking to build quality software product with limited funding?

Six benefit

Want to add technical resources to your
team without the time-consuming
hassles of hiring?

Seven benefit

Have to meet business demands
for software applications that can't
be bought off the shelf?

Eight benefit

Want the flexibility to augment
your team with highly specialized
technical resources?

Nine benefit

Are budget conscious and quality oriented, need to do more with less?

About us

Founded in 2003, Murano has its corporate headquarters in southern California and four development centers in Europe. This enables Murano to provide American companies with a comprehensive suite of highly affordable software development services while unequivocally guaranteeing security for software and intellectual property, as governed by U.S. laws.

Our services: Architecting, designing, developing, testing and documenting software applications; providing support and ongoing maintenance.

Murano specializes in assembling and managing dedicated teams of highly skilled technology professionals that augment a company’s inhouse IT resources. We provide and manage a dedicated full-time team of hand-picked technical resources that augment and operate as an extension of your company’s internal IT team. This ensures you continuity, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that we take full responsibility for the end result. 

Our team of senior software professionals is comprised of skilled, experienced problem solvers, not just coders and technicians. Our managers and software architects have the business acumen to understand your demanding working standards and produce the high quality software products you need.

Our top caliber technical professionals enable Murano to go far beyond simply “programming for hire”. Murano’s teams will work closely with their counterparts on your inhouse IT team to solve problems, architect and build the optimum software solutions.

You will get dedicated, highly skilled technical professionals that can add enormous value to your inhouse skill sets. Your internal team will benefit from working closely with the highest caliber software designers and developers, all of whom are well versed in best practice development methodologies, and up to speed on the newest and most popular development platforms and technologies.

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